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Premium Custom Home plans

 Designed by International recognized Designer / Builder Richard P. Martin




Your Home Is Your Castle!

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I have been designing and building homes for over 32 years. For 20 years I framed homes for other builders as well as for myself. I specialized in cutting complex hip roof systems. A love relationship with dimensional lumber and Pythagoras. As time passed so did my youth and I gave up a nail apron for a mouse. I design homes on a computer now and build them for sale. My company has built and sold over $20,000,000 of homes over the past seven years. The plans on this site are a collection of those homes. All of these homes have been built and sold. Plans are both custom designed and designed and built for speculation. All of the homes have sold for a good profit. These are successful plans. All questions have been answered in the field. We will be adding new designs on a regular basis, so please check back.

Otto II aka O2

Let us design and build your new home!
We have been successfully designing & building fine homes for years!

Custom Floor Plans Designs

Great home design begins with the floor plan. Whether you want an open layout or cozy nooks, we have many custum floor plans to choose from for your new home, matched to exteriors in dozens of architectural styles


Custom Services
Make Your New Home Truly Yours

If you're like most customers, you'll want to make changes to your home plan to make it truly yours. That's where our expert design and modification team comes in. You won't find a more efficient and economic way to get your changes done than by using our design services.  

Whether it's enlarging a kitchen, adding a porch or converting a crawlspace to a basement, we can customize any plan to make it perfect for your family. Simply create your wish list and let us go to work



Why Should I buy a custom home plan?

How long will it take to receive my plan?
Many other answer to be found.


Why buy plans from someone who has never built anything? 

We have been successfully designing and building homes for years.





Plans can be modified for additional cost, please contact us for further information and price quote.

All Plans are copyrighted by Richard P. Martin - Fee includes license. 

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