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Premium Custom Home plans

 Designed by International recognized Designer / Builder Richard P. Martin





Your Home Is Your Castle!
 We live in the Golden Age of the Custom Built Home. It began when the geatest generation returned from WWII. Stimulated by need and supplied with new standardized materials, the housing boom began. As prosperity increased larger and more complex designs were introduced. As the baby boomers took over, the  complex hip roof system became the Gold Standard in housing. Brick manufactures were now producing a wider variety of brick and stone to wrap homes with more than just a simple veneer. Engineered lumber was introduced a generation ago enabling more open designs. Responding to the new designs and materials some framers and masons have turned their trades into art forms. The result is that the Custom Built Home today is the finest of that genre that has ever been produced. The process begins with a good plan, showing how the materials are to be assembled, and that is what we have been doing for many years.
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Richard P. Martin
I have been designing and building homes for over 40 years. For 20 years I framed homes for other builders as well as for myself. I specialized in cutting complex hip roof systems. A love relationship with dimensional lumber and Pythagoras. As time passed so did my youth and I gave up a nail apron for a mouse. I design homes on a computer now and build them for sale. My company has built and sold over $20,000,000 of homes over the past ten years. The plans on this site are a collection of those homes. Most of these homes have been built and sold. Plans are both custom designed and designed and built for speculation. All of the homes built have sold for a good profit. These are successful plans that have been both field and market tested and proven. All questions have been answered in the field. We will be adding new designs on a regular basis, so please check back.

Otto II aka O2


Let us design and build your new home!
We have been successfully designing & building fine homes for years!

 Unlike many websites that offer hundreds of plans from many different home styles, New Castle House Plans offers a limited number of successful plans from just a few specific genres.    Most of our designs are European or Southern Transitional with a few Mountain Chalets.  We concentrtate on the three bedroom two and a half bathroom model with some variation.   All of our plans are focused around the Great or Hearth Room concept where you have a kitchen, nook and family room  that flows together creating a larger Great or Hearth Room area.    The wants and needs of today's home buyer is considerably different than it was even a generation ago.  The old formal living spaces and closed rooms have been supplanted by a more open living style. The only formal room in our designs is the Dining Room.   Larger more functional kitchens with more cabinetry, larger breakfast nooks, great room areas that access covered porches, master suites with custom showers and walk in closets, secondary bedrooms with more closet space and better bath accessibilty and bonus rooms above garages are the features we offer in our designs.   Most of our designs are one story with one or two rooms a full two story with the rest of the second floor tucked under the cut    rafter roof accessing the outdoors via  dormers. Complex cut rafter roofs highlight our designs. Floor plans are morphed to create the corners that make the hips and vallleys and certain plates are raised to bring the roof planes together to create a beautiful roof.   We use a combination of brick and stone as our primary veneer and add brick detail to both to create frames and highlight transitions.  We bring the Old World Castle image together with a 21st century floor plan to create designs that are both attractive and funtional.


Stock Plans

Whether you're an individual looking to build for the first time, or you're a builder getting ready to put a lot of capital at risk, you want a plan that works. As a framing contractor for over 20 years and a general contractor since 1987 I have built hundreds of homes. I know how bricks and sticks go together. My  plans are drawn with real building experience as inspiration. Most of my plans have been built and sold in the real market place. New plans have the same field experience incorporated in them. Building with plans that are drawn by a builder with 40 years of real field  experience as opposed to someone with no field experience is just smart and makes for sound investment strategy.


Custom Design Services
Make Your New Home Truly Yours

. With stock plans, it is sometimes necessary to make changes for a plan to work for you. Whether it's another bedroom, more closet space, a larger great room or just some special space or feature, I can customize any plan to meet your needs. I can also provide a basement foundation for any stock plan.   If  a stock plan just won't work and you want a custom design of your own, we can do that as well. We also provide design work for remodel and small projects.

 For many the Kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.  Whether its family or a gathering of friends, more time is spent in the kitchen than any other space.  We make the kitchen the focal point in our plans















Plans can be modified for additional cost, please contact us for further information and price quote.

All Plans are copyrighted by Richard P. Martin - Fee includes license. 

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